Monday, 12 March 2012


We started our St Patrick's Day fun this morning with our sensory box.
This was a big hit (as are all the sensory boxes) with everyone, and got a lot of use throughout the day.

This contains:
  • Rainbow measuring scoops.
  • green coloured rice and dried Peas
  • Crochet Shamrocks
  • A horse shoe
  • Shamrock headband
  • Erin Beanie baby
  • Rainbow fish tank ornament
  • Little wooden pots with lids that I found in a charity shop
  • Several little charms which I bought from Hobby craft.
  • Green balloon
  • A sprinkling of Green glitter
  • A little green zip up bag

Once the Sensory box had been well and truly explored, emptied and eaten, I showed the little ones some Irish dancing on You Tube. Little "R" really enjoyed it and watched it for ages. She sat on my lap and bounced and jigged. When a dance finished, she clapped and waved her arms in the air!

We also listened to some great Irish music being played on flutes and violins. I do love Irish music. So lively that you just have to move to it! We even sang a few rounds of Molly Malone. Well I did. The girls just looked at me and laughed!

Brendan is home again with another bug. He is never ill, but this year he has been off a couple of times. I think he has a lesser version of the cold Kenzie had last week. No temperature but he has a nasty cough and is getting headaches. So he will stay home a couple of days to take it easy with us!

This afternoon we had lots of fun making hand print leprechauns! Little "R" takes hand prints very seriously and makes sure her hand is always very steady!

Little "L" is much happier about having paint on her fingers now. I think all this painting we have been doing has made her less sensitive to the feeling and she is actually enjoying it now! I think self feeding has helped as well, she really likes to get her hands in her food and get messy!

Here are some of our finished items. I know they are very "end product" based but the girls really did like what they had made. We do an awful lot of free painting as well so I am not too worried about a few "end product" based art works as well!

I also made a really yummy Irish Stew for dinner this evening. I could smell it cooking away in the slow cooker all day! I served it up with some fresh Tiger bread and butter. I know it should have been something like Soda bread, but none of us a very keen that so we went with our favorite instead!

I really enjoyed it and will make it again. My boys however were not so keen. Little "L" loved it!


More St Patrick's Day activities being posted tomorrow!

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