Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Today we received our wonderful parcel from our friend in Ireland! We were all very excited.She had packed it full of fantastic treats, decorations and goodies! Everyone wanted to dive in and see what there was!

Brendan was off school again today so he took charge of the opening!

Our parcel arrived just as we were finishing lunch. Everyone sat in their high chairs watching intently, while I whizzed around each of them with cloths to wipe fingers and faces!

And what a wonderful bounty we found in that box! It felt like Christmas!

Little "L" was all cleaned up and keen to dive in and see what there was. These are some crisps that we have been told are a favorite in Ireland.

Brendan really didn't know what to look at first! He was al a chatter with excitement!

He found the tea towel of Irish names particularly interesting and spent ages matching them up.

This was my personal Favorite! Real Shamrock!

Little "R" enjoyed some dressing up with beads and feather bowers!

Not wanting to leave anyone out, she dressed the dog too!

Brendan really got in to the whole thing and had a little jig!

Little "C" loved the balloons. I was a little worried she might pop it, but it withstood the squashing and squeezing!

Brendan made a great Rainbow with the wooden Rainbow toy. He got really creative with it. I will write a separate post on that soon!

After our evening meal, we all tried out the crisps and cake from our parcel! It was all very yummy.

This evening, once everyone had gone home and my house was clean and tidy again, I set up a fun display for the children to explore tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be doing some Mothers Day activities as well as more St Patrick's Day focus.

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