Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Today has been very mixed. Little "L" is teething terribly poor love and once she cries she sets everyone else off. Needless to say I have been run off my feet trying to keep everyone happy today! It has been a challenge but we have had some lovely times between the tears.

Kenzie has also been home for the day. He was sent home from school yesterday lunch time with a headache and temperature. He has been much better today and enjoying a day with Mummy!

We had a spot of building with the blocks and made a "Premier inn". Both my boys have a thing about these places. In fairness it is the only place other than a camp site, that they have stayed at.

We played a game which we have had for a few months now but not actually tried out yet. This was a game about telling the time. Totally out of age range for Little "R" but she was so keen to join in and I was so surprised at how quickly she got the idea of turn taking and matching the pictures to her card.

Then we played "Crazy Chef!" another great Orchard toys game. By this point Little "R" was so used to matching the pictures that she picked this up really quickly. After selecting a card from the center, she really looked at it and her board to see if there was a matching picture there.

We enjoyed our new Library books about bugs!

 I have seen lots of painting of this style on the web of late and it looks so much fun! So naturally we had to try it out ourselves! Little "R" was so careful with the brush to start with until I put my fingers in the paint...... then she immediately put the brush down and put both hands in!

Kenzie was keen to join in as well so I let him make his own letter on the paper. Although he can write letters, he did find making a letter in this way rather tricky and needed a little guidance.

Squirting lots of paint!

He was also very cautious to start with, dipping one finger in gingerly to spread the paint. After a while I put my hand in his paint and pushed it across the page. His whole attitude changed at this point and his face lit up!
In went the hand..... and soon both hands were enjoying spreading the paint and feeling the squelching!

Very soon he was writing and drawing numbers and patterns in his paint!

For some reason this says 45 and then  DOOM!!!!

After lunch the Postman arrived! Yippee!! Parcels are always very exciting!

Kenzie set about opening each one with anticipation. You will see what I have in mind for this gold spray paint at a later date!

Buddy Bear got a package with new clothes and items, Kenzie tried on his glasses. Sorry about his rather grubby pudding face lol!

What a smart looking Bear!

He also got a funky MP3 player!

Our new books arrived from Amazon.... and I love them! Great pictures in them and baby safe too!

Little "C" enjoyed a play with Buddy in his new hat!

and then we tried his antlers on her! She looks rather cool I think!
I hadn't actually noticed at the time that they go well with her bib!

My fabby St Patrick's Day book arrived. Such bright and simple images. Clear single wording on each page and so inviting!

Kenzie wanted to know more about Leprechauns, so I told him how they lived in Ireland and that if you ever catch one he has to give you all his gold. Kenzie has such a gentle soul and told me that wasn't very kind. So we said maybe he would give us "some" of his gold, and that we would always let him go again.
We talked about Leprechaun traps and Kenzie said he wanted to make one but it would have to be safe and not hurt him!
He also wanted to know where Ireland was, so he went off to get his globe ball and we found it on the map!

Kenzie used a box from the packaging of our new parcels and started to make his trap with it. We talked about the colours and how they like Green. They wear green because they like to hide in the woods and its camouflage for them!

While he waited for the paint to dry, before giving it a second coat, he went for a lay down and watched some Sponge Bob!

Little "R"'s finished painting once it had dried and had the tape removed!

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the sun and warm weather up the park. I forgot to take the camera though. It was lovely to get out and have some fresh air with lots of climbing and sliding!

Another fun day with far more achieved then I ever think at the time, but looking back as I write these blog posts, it shows me how much fun and learning is really taking place!
One last picture to share. Little "R" is only 18 months old, but look at this wonderful pen control and the correct grip already! Clever girl!

Wow, that was a rather long post! 

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