Thursday, 1 March 2012


This morning was very calm and cuddly!

  Myself and 2 little ones. 9 months and 18 months. We spent a lot of time cuddled on the sofa singing action rhymes and reading books and a little bit of Peek a boo!!

They are so sweet together.  Little "R" is so gentle with her and loves to try and make her laugh. We had lots of giggles from both of them, and me to!

We moved on to some singing and action rhymes. Little "R" really tries to sing the words and after the song finishes she is always still singing! She also copies most of the actions and anticipates the next action in a familier song!

We did some "round and round the garden" tickling games. Little "C" was happy to let Little "R" do this on her and Little "R" was very happy to be allowed to do it!

I also taught them "This little piggy"! I sang the words and Little "R" started to wiggle each of Little "C"'s toes in turn and then ran her fingers up her leg and tummy to tickle her under the chin!

After much singing and my voice running out I thought we needed a distraction. So I grabbed some picture books and had a little look at them. Little "R" pointing to things she knew the names for and saying the word. She also watched where Little "C" put her hands and told her what the thing was that she was pointing to!

We are getting very good at pointing to parts of the body when asked and this page of the book was a big hit with Little "R".

This page was a good one too! Tractors and dogs! What is better than that for 2 country girls! 

Little "C" ran her fingers over each picture and was really interested in the images.
Little "R" pointed at each one and  said "woo woo's" for dogs and "takter" for tractor!

Then we found a page with animals on...... Little "R" became a Tiger... "ROOOAR"!! Look at those tiger claws. She really made me giggle!

She made Little "C" giggle out loud too!

Then we found a page with sweeties on! Here she is pretending to pick them up off the page!

And then she offered them to each of us. Pretending to eat them and saying "nom nom"!

Some for Little "C" too! Sweeties for everyone!

ummmmmm.... deep in thought and looking at the sweeties.... At this point she put the book down, hopped off the sofa and announced "Ninner!" 

Looks like it was time for lunch!

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