Monday, 2 April 2012


Today we spent enjoying the sun at our local Special needs play center! We try to pop there once a week in the holidays and I take my boys, every now and then at the weekend as well. We are so lucky to have this place on our door step and love the freedom my children can have in such a safe environment!

Little "L" fell in love with this trolley and pushed it around for quite some time! Occasionally stopping to place something in it or take it out again!

We stopped at the outdoor music area and enjoyed making lots of sounds!

The staff had also organised an Easter egg hunt which was great fun and gave lots of reading and letter recognition practice as well as some problem solving opportunities, trying to work out the clues!

At the end of it all, you had to take your completed sheet with all the letters you had collected and also a special password, to Dan and he gave you CHOCOLATE!!!

Then we checked out some of the art activities in the Art room. The children decided to do some colouring and sticking. There were lots of Easter pictures printed out for them to choose from! It was quite nice for me to have everyone together in one place for 10 minutes after everyone running off in different directions outside!

Little "L" spent more time drawing on her hands and eating the pens than she did drawing!

Little "R" really enjoys arty crafty activities and stayed much longer than any of the others. She had a go at some noodle art and decorated a sheep!

Then we found the magnetic walls and spent some time making the letters stick to it! MAGIC!

Then we got home to unpack the new hoover that finally arrived this morning, just before we were heading out! We opted for a Henry this time. Just over 3 years ago we bought a Miele as we understood from reviews, that they were very good. But this one just did not last. So we went with the one Brendan had wanted the first time around. Henry! Brendan helped put him together.... and used his hose as an Elephants trunk! He even did some hoovering for me to test him out!

Lee came home from work tonight with another treat for the boys. The perfect way to round of a perfect day...... an old computer to take apart! It kept the boys very quiet and busy for a good hour this evening and they asked Daddy lots of questions about what each part did!

 This is Brendan's favorite part. It is the main board fro inside and he likes the pattern on it. He wants to frame it as it is art.... so he says!

Here is his art! He says it looks like water running over it, like a water fall.

I guess Art is very personal. Not sure I want it hanging in my house but happy to get him a box frame so he can hang it in his room!

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