Monday, 2 April 2012


We had to stay in all day on Saturday waiting for the delivery of our new hoover, which didn't turn up, much to my annoyance! But it was a great excuse for a pyjama day and doing nothing but playing games and spending some time together!

Kenzie and I played a couple of games of Disney Scrabble.

Then we pulled out the Moon dough, which we haven't played with very much since he got it at Christmas. This is quite a fun set. You have to put the little wind up bit in the machine, stuff the mold with dough and then wind the handle on the machine to make the mold fit round the wind up part. At the same time, it winds up the feet and once ready, it pops open and walks across the table as a little Bear or Gorilla or Penguin! We spent a good half hour together making different animals and watching them walk around!

Kenzie also chose a puzzle to do together. This was a 100 piece Transformers one. It was quite hard as well.

We also played a game of Top Gear! This is a game we have only played a couple of times but it is quite easy when you get the hang of it and good fun. We are quite big Top Gear fans in this house and the boys and I do love new board games to try out!

So we might not have got the new hoover, but we did enjoy a lovely day of play!

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