Monday, 2 April 2012


I am now feeling somewhat more human again so thought I should catch up with some blogging. Sharing what we have been up to over the past couple of weeks.
The weather has been wonderful and we decided it was worth putting the paddling pool up. We had a little 2 ring, blow up thing, but the next day it was deflated and empty. So we popped to the shops and got a fabby new one! A big one too!

It was a bit too cool to get in, or so I thought, but the boys were braver than I was and they did all get in for a splash over the week that it was up! A great way to cool off after a hot day at school and a play at the park!

The little ones spent more time exploring from the sides.

There was a lot of pouring, watching as the water fell from the watering can or from the pots they were using. Even watching the water fall through the nets as they scooped up plastic fish!

We also visited the play bus first thing in the morning and changed our Library books. We chose some with a more Easter / new life, theme to them. Lots of books about hatching eggs and chicks! After lots of fun in the garden we came in to watch "Mr Bloom" and enjoy some hot cross buns and a drink!

We had a lovely read of our new books. This was a particular favorite! It was a lovely surprise to see a crocodile hatch from this very odd egg after all the birds in the story!

We also enjoyed playing vets with our little puppies and the Dr's kit!

A spot of colour sorting!

and a Tea party or two!

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