Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Well, day 2 of the school holidays and what a lovely one it was too!

I had less children with me today as 2 have gone to stay with family in Wales. An old friend returned to us after several months away. "N" is  a child who sometimes comes in the holidays and it was great to have him come play for the first time this year! He has been missed.

We took Brendan for a play date at a friends this morning and then headed off to the village green to walk the dog and have some fun on the skate ramp and play park. Kenzie and "N" became very involved in an  imaginary game about Egyptians. "N" is particularly interested in ancient Egypt and drew Kenzie in to his world of pharaohs and treasure!

There was a lot of very physical play. Kenzie is getting quite good on the ramp. No tricks or anything like that but he can now ride down a ramp and up the other side. It has taken him a good year to feel safe enough to do this!

Little "R" practiced her climbing, which I have to say is coming along really well! She has started to try and stand up and hold the hand rail when walking up the ramp and is walking along the climbing frame to the slide with not hesitation now. She also can come down the slide now in a variety of ways without any help!

Kenzie has also learnt to get the swing going by himself, which was a huge thing for him and also for me. It does make trips to the swings a bit easier, as I am often having to push at least 2 little ones on swings and my arms where getting rather tired pushing him as well. What a clever boy!

Little "R" has started to show some interest in the balancing bar, especially after seeing Kenzie having a go! She will walk along it with my support. She needs to hold my hand to feel safe enough to walk. Today she tried the very tricky part which involves stepping on upright wooden stumps of varying heights. Again, with the safety net of holding my hand she felt safe enough to give it a go and did really well!

After a lovely morning in the sun we headed home for a drink and a snack and then, following the Egyptian interest, introduced "N" to "Tutan loot em" which is a really fun card game! As always I didn't do very well against these ruthless boys, they nabbed all my treasures and won the game!

After picking Brendan back up and a spot of lunch we popped in to town to the £1 store. We were hoping to find lots of Easter goodies for an Easter display and sensory box, but to my surprise they had very little in. So we are having to make do with what he have around the house. We came home and changed our table from the Spring farm set to this!

I do love this little picture that I found at a boot sale last weekend.  It felt so Spring like and I just knew I could use it!

Kenzie and I did a dummy run of the wax crayon resist painting that we will be doing tomorrow with the little ones!

I think they turned out ok. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone draws! We also plan on doing a bit of Easter baking and some printing as well!

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