Wednesday, 30 May 2012


This week we have stepped up the Jubilee fun! Here are some of the things we have been up too. I have so many ideas I would like to do with the children but I am worried I am going to run out of time :-(

We have enjoyed a spot of dressing up!

We went to Playbus on Monday morning and they had a couple of Jubilee activities set up. The girls made some Streamers, which they used to pop bubbles they were chasing!

They also painted some pictures!

We made crowns yesterday morning. Little "R" really enjoyed this and loved wearing it!

I ordered some fantastic London stickers from Yellow moon. I think I will get some more of these for the Olympics activities as well!

This morning we popped to our  local museum. It is a very small one and only has a couple of rooms, but that is just perfect for the little ones. They had one room dedicated to the Jubilee and we had fun exploring all the activities.

We waved flags, had a go at the jigsaw, which was a picture of the royal family and sat in the throne with our robes and crowns on!

I hope you are having a fun week and enjoying some Jubilee activities of your own. I will be adding more ideas as the week goes on.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Little "E" and I had some one to one time this morning while the girls had a nap.

I took this time to have a chat with him about the Jubilee. I had some lovely picture and word cards that I printed from a website (can't remember which now though) and laminated and cut out to use with the children. I am not really one for flash card teaching but it's quite hard to show him the royal family in person! We had a little chat about who the Queen is and what she does, explained that this Jubilee is celebrating 60 years of her being the Queen and what we will be doing in our village to celebrate it! He seemed to take in quite a lot.

Then we played with our new Olympics "Happyland" toys. I got a great discount in Mothercare on these, by buying their magazine at the counter. saved over £20!! Would not have known if it wasn't for the very lovely lady at the counter telling me about it! These have been a big hit since they arrived and I am now thinking about selling my fisher price people and getting more of the Happyland toys.

We pretended to have races with the runners and the athletes in wheelchairs. Then we made the swimming guy dive in to the pool and the Queen and her Corgi went for a ride in the bus!

After a while we decided to make our own race up. I taped a tape measure to the floor and "E" got some cardboard which he set up as ramps, then we raced cars and made a record of how far each car went.

The ramps didn't work as well as he had hoped and he got a bit cross with them so I suggested we make them in to bridges for our cars to drive under. He liked this idea!

He was really good at recording his results. We crawled up to the point where our cars had stopped and looked at the numbers on that part of the tape measure. He told me the numbers he recognised. Individual numbers not the whole numbers. Then he would try and write them on the chart I made. Many of his marks are not yet resembling the real numbers but one or two looked very close. The "0" he could do and the "1" and he made a really good attempt at a "2" which I think is actually quite a tricky shape to write! We talked about who's numbers were"bigger" and "smaller", and who's had got "longer" or "shorter"distance! Lots of mathematical language being used and practiced. 

We then had some milk and a snack and watched this mornings footage of the Olympic torch relay. 

Keep popping by for more Toddler and Pre-school Olympic play ideas!

Monday, 21 May 2012


I have been trying to get my head around how I can celebrate the Olympics this summer with my little ones. They are so young that lots of the things I have found on line, are just not suitable for them.  Little" R" is the oldest of the little ones, at 21 months.

After some brainstorming and finger crossing I put together a few activities to try out this morning with Little "R". The others are away for a few days, so it was just me and her.

We started the day by making our own Olympic torch. The official one started on it's journey last week and I hope to be able to log in online and show the children some of the footage as it travels towards London!

We used an old cereal box and hot glue gun to roll up a funnel shape and then took it outside to spray it with Gold spray paint.
Once it was dry we put glue in an old yogurt pot and then Little "R" pushed in some red shredded paper.
We dropped the pot inside the funnel and then jogged around the house pretending we were one of the torch relay people!

After we had completed our torch relay we held a Toddler Olympics! I thought it would be fun to set up a little obstacle course and to see how Little "R" moved through it. I walked her through a couple of times and before long she knew the route and could do it all herself. She LOVED it. So much giggling and excitement!

We also did some print painting with cardboard tubes from the junk box. I poured paint on to different paper plates, one for each colour of the Olympic rings and showed Little "R" how to make prints with them. She really got in to this activity and spent a long time making picture after picture. We kept going until all the paint was used up! I used the colour names as we printed with it and also used the words "circles" and "rings".

Once the paint had run out we went outside to restock the bird feeders and give the chickens and rabbit some corn!

While we were out there we played with our chalks. Little "R" was very keen for me to draw on the patio but not so keen to do it her self. She did make some marks but I think I will leave the chalks out this week and let her build confidence with them and hopefully by the end of the week she will be making little master pieces all over the garden!

I would love to hear about any ideas you have, on introducing the Olympics to such small children! I am hoping to put together a few posts on activities designed for toddlers, to celebrate the Jubilee and the Olympics this summer so please keep popping back!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


With the Jubilee only a few weeks away,I thought we would start looking at how we could incorporate it in to our play. I set up a little play scene on the table. I am not really sure what it is meant to be, but I thought it looked a bit like a street party with the King and Queen in the background. I wanted to add some gazebos (maybe made from K'nex) and some bunting but I know it would last all of 10seconds with under 2 year olds.

This picture is before it got played with. It does not look like this now and has been added to and changed over the week. A friend came over with the 3 little boys she looks after and the whole table got cars added to it. I wonder if maybe they forgot to put a road closure in place before holding their street party! I wish I had taken a photo of it but I only remembered after I had almost finished putting the cars away.

Many of the little people have been taken for rides in a big yellow bus and a big black Taxi!

We have had wooden soldiers added to the scene and even cannons introduced!

We have been looking at London. These are some great board books which I picked up last week. £5 each from the local book shop. One is a bus and the other is a Taxi. They have pictures of London sights and landmarks.

We set up a tea party with some of our teddies. Nothing more British than a tea party! The Queen would be very proud!

Little R cooked us all some yummy food!

I am working hard on thinking up fun things to introduce over the next few weeks, that will link to the Jubilee, but in a way that toddlers will understand and enjoy. I would love to hear of any ideas you have had or blog posts you have written on the subject. Please feel free to post a link in the comment box below and we can all share our Jubilee ideas!


WOW! A dry day at last! We really made the most of it as well. The boys did the usual weekend thing of staying in their Pajamas for as long as possible. But that didn't stop them getting outside and enjoying the sun. We started the morning by tending to the front garden. It was becoming very over grown with weeds and I was getting quite embarrassed by it, so we set about removing all the weeds and feeding them to the rabbit and chickens! I need to organise some pots of plants out there now, but at least it is pretty much weed free now.

 After the gardening the boys asked if they could do some woodwork. We haven't had this out since last summer so I was not sure what supply's we had left and how the bits had faired over winter in a damp shed. The boys also had a new woodworking tool set upstairs that they got for Christmas. So we ran up and gathered it and thankfully found some nails and bit of wood that we could use!

I do love it when the boys do woodwork projects. I have never seen them more focused, than when they have a hammer in hand!  I really need to invest in a work bench this year. We also need to source some scrap wood as well.

The chickens really enjoyed all their tasty weeds!

I enjoyed the rare moment of sunshine that we having with all this rain in England!

Kenzie made a Robot ship and took it in side to decorate with his pens!

I stopped and felt the heat on my skin, the sun on my face, and then focused on some of the plants that are popping up in the garden!

After lunch Brendan painted his space ship!

Kenzie painted a "paint by number" picture. All by himself!

We popped to the park for a play and then popped up to Asda to get some food shopping. When we came home we made dinner. Home made Pizzas. These are now big favorites of the boys and they are loving making their own dinner!

A spot of water play in the garden with the new water pistols! Using a ramp as a shield! Great thinking Brendan!

Pizzas cooked and were enjoyed! They didn't last long!

Brendan's finished ship drying in the sun. complete with grappling hook!


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