Tuesday, 26 February 2013


We have a new member of our Childminding family. Baby "T" is going to be with us for a few months and he has already settled in with us very well. I do not have permission to use his photo on the blog, so any pictures that I post, that might include him will be very heavily edited or changed so that he is not shown.

The Girls are loving having him with us and they are both really loving and gentle with him.

We had lots of round and round the Garden! Followed by lots of Giggles!

Tickling of toes!

Floor time for rolling about! He has just learnt to role on to his tummy and seems to like the new view it gives him. I added some mirrors so that he could see himself and the toys reflected in it!

He also enjoyed trying to catch a toy that I held above his tummy! He took a little while to focus on it and then to decide to make a grab for it. The first few attempts were not very accurate but he soon zoned in on what he was after and perfected his aim!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Communication and Language 

Monday, 25 February 2013


The children had so much fun with chop sticks over Chinese New Year,  I decided to keep a pair out and offer them again and again so that they could work on this transferring skill.

Today I added them to the basket of animal maths manipulative's. Another big favourite of the children.

The concentration on the children's faces and the progress you could actually see being made with each attempt was wonderful. They started off using both hands, then putting the animal in the chop sticks with their fingers and then within 5 minutes they were picking up each animal and transferring them to the small bowl with no trouble at all!

We also worked on the lacing board. I have had a few lacing activities but I got this for 10p at a car boot sale and I love it! It is all natural materials which I personally prefer to plastic and seems much easier for children to use, especially when they first start threading!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical development
  • Mathematics



This morning Little "R" brought playdough with her to share! The girls very quickly climbed up to the table and I gathered up the rolling pins and shape cutters. We all sat together and talked about the colours of the dough or the cutters and what shapes we were making.

Some of the shapes were quite tricky, like Pentagons and Hexagons. But some of the others, like the Oval were good ways to extend the girls curent shape knowledge without overwhelming them.

We made funny faces through some of the shapes!

Once the girls got the hang of rolling the dough (which I did still help with after they gave it a good go), they carefully cut out each shape and proudly held it up, telling me the shape name as they did so!

A bit more Peek 'a' Boo!

We made shapes to go on top of shapes! We used different colours! We counted how many of each shape we had made.

Some of the shapes became boats! Then they became see saws and little "R" pretended to put people on it and the rocked them back and forth while singing.  Then.... opppps... everyone fell off and had to be picked up and put back on. little, tiny imaginary people! It was lovely to watch!.

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional
  • Communication and Language
  • Expressive Art and Design

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Well...... I feel we need more of sir David Attenborough, as a lot of play and creativity has come directly from watching his Africa series this week. We had been told about it by friends but we are not great with TV and never remember these things are on. Thankfully we managed to see all of them on iplayer and are very pleased to see that the series is out on DVD next week!

Yesterday Brendan built giant box Elephants! Today all the children in my setting decided to be Mole Rats. This was instigated by my boys after watching them on tv and everyone else seemed very happy to go along.

They set up a burrow for the colony to live in. This consisted of all the chairs in the house, blankets and den making pegs!  There was a discussion about how to make the entrance and shortly after the tunnel was pulled form the cupboard and added to the construction!

There was also discussion about how the colony works. Brendan pointed out that they needed a queen and the rest were to be workers. He did say that mole rats were very lazy and did not do very much all day. None of the girls were willing to be the Queen so Kenzie volunteered to be the king and they mixed things up a bit! As the king, he got to lay on the best bed with all the blankets! All the workers curled up on the floor around him and got comfortable. I love this photo of them all!!

I could hear Brendan starting a conversation about what food they might eat. I ran off to Google the answer and came back to tell them that they eat Tubers. As we didn't have tubers, I gave them several over ripe and sprouting potatoes and sweet potatoes to play with. I offered to hide them so that the mole rats could all come out and find them when they went foraging for food This was very much welcomed and as soon as I had hidden the potatoes, all the little mole rats popped out to hunt for them.

There was much activity in the burrow, storing the food and feeding the king!

Then Danger struck and a couple of Snakes found the burrow. The worker Rats were soon outside defending their home and king!

Six children, ALL engaged, learning and absorbed in their play. The youngest was 25 months old and the eldest will be 11 next week.  Learning through play and following their own interests. This is why I love my job!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Today is Shrove Tuesday and we made our Pancakes for breakfast.

Kenzie chose a shake and bake style, Peppa Pig chocolate pancake mix at the weekend and it was his job to follow the instructions on the bottle to mix up his. This was very easy as he just had to add milk to the level shown on the bottle, replace the lid and then shake!

Brendan and Little "R" made normal pancakes using the recipe that Brendan had chosen for his family cook book yesterday. We discuses how much we felt this would make and should we increase the quantities stated so that we would have enough for everyone. We felt we should double up the mixture, so Brendan multiplied all the ingredients quantities by 2 and then weighed out the ingredients and mixed it all together with  Little "R"'s help.

My sister joined us for the day and she brought with her a wheat free mix as she has a lot of allergy's. She did sneak on some naughty cream which may well cause her tummy issues tomorrow..... oppps.

After a lazy breakfast, we popped over to the local special needs play centre for the day. They had a chap there who comes with lots of huge boxes and helps the children to make amazing things out of them. When we arrived they were in the process of building a huge castle!
Brendan is very much in to the David Attenborough "Africa" series at the moment and so felt inspired to make and Elephant. First he chose a box and a tube and sat in the middle of the room under his box. I think this was a quiet spot for him to think about what he was going to make. Once he had decided on the Elephant, the construction and building happened very quickly.

He then crawled around the room under his box trying not to bump in to things. This led to a conversation about how he was using the trunk to tap around the area in front of him and how he would know if the path was clear if the trunk didn't touch anything. I explained about how blind people use white sticks for the same reason.

Then he asked the play centre staff if they had any straws as he would like to make the trunk more like a real trunk and that he would like to be able to suck up water with it. He then joined several straws together and asked me for some juice and gave it a go!

Little "R" made a house with her box. She decorated it with a pen. We found a spider in the tube she was playing with and had fun trying to get the spider out so that it didn't come in to her house.

After a play in the ball pool and soft play area we came back to the art room to make some salt dough Jewellery. I explained to Little "R" that we could role some bead shapes, but she had her own ideas. She used the rolling pin to flatten the dough and then the cutters to make shapes. I used a straw to make a hole through each one and once she had made a few shapes I popped the dough in the microwave for 3 minutes to cook it. We let it cool down and then used acrylic paint to colour each shape.

 I threaded them on to some elastic and Little "R" had a nice new necklace. Unfortunately I had to repair a bead as the dough split when I tried to make the hole a bit bigger after cooking the dough. This picture shows it being held together with a rubber band while the PVA glue dried.

We also made a beautiful sparkly Cinderella shoe! Little "R" does love glue and sticking!

Tomorrow we are starting our Valentines activities and I am hoping to fit in a few more Chinese New year art and crafts as well.


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