Sunday, 19 May 2013


Today I set up a mud sensory tray in the garden for the children. We are going to look at vegetables this week and growing our own veg and plants. We have already sewn some seeds and today Kenzie and I transferred them to the allotment and bigger planters and troughs.

I know many children do not recognise everyday vegetables, let alone the more exotic ones and it is a real worry. Children should know where our food comes from (and I don't mean Tescos!), they should know how to grow their own food and then harvest and prepare it for a meal. This week we will look at many vegetables, I have planed lots of play and experiences which will allow them to explore each one and become familiar with vegetables and their names.

One activity is the mud sensory tray. Kenzie helped me to set it up and then tested it out for "fun value"! He gave it a big thumbs up! I just hope we have some sun this week to enjoy it!

I do hope the little ones enjoy this as much as Kenzie has this afternoon!

I have some dry wipe pens and white plant labels for the children to write on, I picked up dried peas and beans for the children to use as seeds and we might even bury some potatoes and carrots in there as well!


  1. The mud sensory tray is such a lovely idea Pip! We have bought seeds but just not had time/weather to plant them yet. Nothing tastes nicer than homegrown veg :)

  2. This weather is very frustrating isn't it. We planted out Kenzies carrots but I am worried about the poor little things getting cold or damaged..... but how long do we wait for better weather? Fancy joining me in a Sunshine dance? Lol


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