Friday, 28 June 2013


Outdoor play is how we are spending most of our days at the moment. Which is how it should be! Fresh air and the space to move, build, explore and make noise!
The potion making is still the activity that the children are choosing to engage in most. This has resulted in Kenzie doing this with almost anything that can be mixed. Drinks, food, painting.... Everything is being mixed together with some interesting results. I have got him to help with some mixing when cooking dinner to give this new found "joy" an outlet!

Everyone is using the garden for their own interests and they chose to go outside and continue where they left off the day before. They all practice the new skills they ave been learning. Balancing, carrying pots of water, hitting a ball with a bat!

I used the wall just outside the playroom to create a fun new road! Little "X" has been lining cars up on there for many weeks now and I wanted a way to make this interest in to something more. Since adding some white lines on the bricks with some Tip-X, all the children have been drawn to this area and push the cars along the wall, parking them in the parking bays. It has opened up lots of conversations about road safety and traffic lights. Most of the children now know "Red means STOP! and green means GO!"

We have been tasting and smelling our herbs a lot!!

Adding them to our potions and "Dinners" in the outdoor kitchen!

I bought a new toy! These tube phones have given us hours of fun and encourage lots of chatter!

The outdoor kitchen becomes VERY busy after school! I really think I need a bigger garden!

We added some dried foods like chick peas and Beans to the outdoor kitchen area. We also added different coloured water, rice, herbs, bubble mixture, bubble bath, bath salts and hand lotion..... anything that is safe and sitting in the cupboard unused has been re purposed this past week!

Using all our senses to explore new things! Sniffing our herbs!

Rainbow colours in my garden make me SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

The children are all confident with using the outdoor play area. They no longer need my support as much and I am only really needed to fill up watering cans and provide new fun ingredients for their dinners and potions! They are all playing with what they know but also having new ideas and having a go at trying these out in a safe environment. Mixing things and adding new ingredients. Using all their senses to smell and taste the herbs. They are so happy and proud with what they have made and achieved and have even started to write down the ingredients and quantities needed to make specific potions that they are particularly happy with. I need to add some chalk and white boards and pens to this area I think to encourage more of this outdoor mark making and recording of information. Each child is engaged in play, motivated and concentrating! 

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the World
  • Physical Development

Thursday, 27 June 2013


This week we were lucky enough to take part in the filming of some Training videos for Pacey. They used to be called the National Childminding Association.
 We had a really wonderful day with Lawrence who was the chap filming us for the day. He was fabby with the children and put everyone at ease.
I do not have many photos to  share I am afraid as I was in front of the camera for a change, but I did snap a couple of moments!
We shared our love for the Outdoors and touched on messy play and Observations as well.

Monday, 10 June 2013


Now if that's not a catchy title, I don't know what is!

Today the sun was shining and the children came out of school ready to explore our new garden set up! Kenzie first rolled out the logs in to a long line from the wigwam to the step. He informed everyone that the floor was Lava and you had to stay off or you would get burnt!

We had to jump to safety and the Lava was VERY hot and dangerous!

Back on the mainland the cavemen and woman were preparing a BBQ for their relatives and they used the outside phone to call them up and invite them all over. Apparently they requested their favourite meal of Snake poo stew! I did show the children the mint and chives which they could add to their stew and have a taste of the herbs too if they wanted!

Kenzie made a potion to pour on the floor to make the lava recede a little bit so that he could stand and make some mint soup!

Little "E" popped back and forth along the logs from the mainland to the island with the wigwam!
Practising her balancing as she went.

Dinner was looking good!

Till I came out with tuna pasta salad and everyone then decided that was probably a better meal for cavemen and woman!

Potions were created and bottled!

Dinner was served!

Feet were washed! This was a magic anti lava potion.

Do you think she might be feeling a bit peckish?

This was a lovely play session to observe. The children's imaginations were on overdrive and there was so much for them to explore and experiment with. After showing them which plants in the garden were edible and also had the bonus of smelling nice, they used all their senses to explore the world around them. They all took on a role in their imaginative play and  talked about what they wanted to be. They shared their ideas and thought about ways to do things for themselves. How could they get across the Lava? Problem solving and pretending that objects are other things so that they fit in to the game. They all played for well over an hour with such focus and energy.

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the World


We have started to look at minibeasts while covering Spring. They tend to come hand in hand I find. We have come across so many bugs while digging and watering the allotment or playing in the garden.
The boys and I found these fabby life cycle stamps while we were at a Butterfly centre on holiday last year. We haven't done much stamping in the past but we have done the vegetable printing so the little ones picked up how to use these quite quickly.

Little "R" enjoyed telling me each stage of a Butterflys life and pushing the stamps on to the ink pad.  After printing it n the paper, she would inspect the print and comment on if it was a good one or not! She also used our new life cycle figures to match on her picture, for each stage of growth.

We also read the Very Hungry Caterpillar book and used the felt story board to enhance the story.

Little "R" lined all her food up along the board and then up the side. She enjoyed looking for the next item to add to her board and matching it with the picture in the book as I read. She counted the amount needed from the page of the book and then counted out the felt pieces as required!

We changed the Caterpillar that we were using for a bigger one and then to a very fat one to match the pictures in the book. She looked rather confused when we talked about the changing part. I lay the chrysalis over the caterpillar and then lifted both off the board and replaced them with a butterfly. I think she might need to see this happen in real life before she fully understands this process. Once our vegies are growing well, I am sure we will find some cabbage whites to collect and look after. She can then see this happen over a period of time and I am sure it will all make much more sense!

We also watched the DVD of the story which is very sweet!

When little "X" arrived we read the story again and he was very fast at matching the pictures in the book with the felt pieces. His counting in English is now much better and he seems far more willing to join in with counting.

Another day in the week, little "I" joined us. Little "R" showed her how to use the life cycle stamps and the girls worked together, stamping away and talking about each image as they made it. They could identify the eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis and the Butterfly.

  We re-told the story and used the story board again. Little "I" worked really hard with her counting and matching and told me that the Caterpillar was hungry and that he was eating everything up!

 Each of the children showed great involvement in this activity. They all wanted to try out the stamps and each of them became fully engaged in the story board and willing to give it a go. The repetitive nature of the story and also the fact that we re-read it several times in the week meant that the learning was being reinforced. Little "R" mixed resources so that she could better understand the process we were learning and she was making her own links and thinking creatively by using the plastic life cycle toys over the top of her ink stamping. The story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar just built on this knowledge further for the children.
The children were really involved and enjoyed taking part in the story telling.

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the World
  • Literacy 


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