Thursday, 6 March 2014


Little "B" has started to show an interest in dolls. She carries them around and puts bottles in their mouths. She loves babies and when we are at Toddler group, she gravitates towards the babies in the room and gives them cuddles and kisses. 
Today she found one of our dolls and carried her around the room. She held her really carefully. She was upright and her head was on her shoulder. She cuddled her. 

I watched her as she took the doll to a chair. She carefully lay her down and walked back round to the back of the chair. I was not sure what she was going to do.

To my surprise she decided to use the chair as a buggy for her doll. She pushed the chair across the floor with her baby rested on the seat. It was lovely to watch. My dolls buggies broke and I threw them out. I think I will need to invest in another one soon.

Early years Outcomes- 

Personal, social and emotional (self-confidence and self awareness) 16-26 months
  • Gradually able to engage in pretend play with toys (supports child to understand their own thinking may be different from others).


This observation was noted to show how Little "B" observes what the adults around her are doing and then recreates it in her play. 

I will offer more dolls and accessories for her to use and add some shoe boxes and fabric scraps for her so that she can make beds for them. I will also look out for a dolls buggy to buy or borrow.  

Little "B" was motivated by her own interest and this play was self initiated. She transferred knowledge she had about babies to her doll play. She was engaged and involved in this and had a set purpose to her play.

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Understanding the world


  1. Hi, I do love reading your blog! Just a quickie- would you consider that the little one has now "met" that learning & development milestone, or are you using your next step that you described as a method for her to become more secure in this milestone? I'm just trying to have a jiggle about with the way I do my obs, I do an awful lot of paperwork and am keen to reduce it down a bit, at the suggestion of my DW, but I don't want to lose the quality!

    1. Thanks for your message. I would say she is emerging in this area and the things mentioned in next steps will help to develop and then secure this area. I would like to see her feeding the doll, pretending to change nappies, cooking in the homecorner, working with tools, so that i can see pretend play being enjoyed in more than one area of her play. Once i see this then i would consider it secured and move on. I do not really use PLODS as such as i show children's interests in my planning and evaluation. Nest steps in my planning evaluations, observations and in my EYO record forms that i use in their development folders. Does that help? have you seen my posts on planning and development folders? it explains things more clearly XX

  2. Also, while I'm at it, how often (if at all) do you do a "PLOD" or individual plan that covers all areas of learning? Do you do one that focuses on specific skills for a term/half term/month, and not focus so much on observing other skills, or do you do it another way? x

  3. Thanks, that's helpful. I saw that you made a post about planning, I haven't read it yet, I'll have a look, thank you.

  4. Sorry, I'm having trouble finding the latest post you did about planning and development folders- was it on here or Facebook? I know I glimpsed it recently! x

  5. Never mind, I think I've found them on Facebook! :-) X


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