Thursday, 15 May 2014


Little "R" has been working very hard on becoming more independent at the park. This has sometimes been quite hard for both her and I. Finding the line between supporting her and also encouraging independence and fostering her confidence to believe she can do these things without my help, is a hard one indeed!

We started with balancing. Moving from me holding both her hands to just one hand. Then one hand while on the stepping logs but no hands while she crabs sideways along the beam. Just a couple of weeks ago she started to show the courage to try the logs herself and the elation and pride on her face when she completed it by herself was fantastic to see!! She no longer asks for help with this and is keen to show others her new found skill!

The next thing she has learnt to master is this ladder on the climbing frame. When she was younger she would crawl up the steps. Last summer she started to climb up the angled ladders. My heart in my mouth and hovering close by in case she slipped, but trying very hard to not look worried and to keep reassuring her she was doing well. This vertical ladder has been the last part of her journey on mastering the climbing frame. It requires a lot of upper body strength to pull yourself up to the next rung and the vertical design of it means that you have to hold your whole body weight rather than leaning forwards and using your arms and legs to support yourself and crawl up.

She is showing much more confidence on the log bridge as well. She often tells other children to stop jumping or to be more careful as she walks along. She no longer panics when another child steps on to the bridge and makes it move.

She is keen to try climbing up the pole and would love to slide down it, but so far this is one challenge too far for her. I am keen not to put children in to a situation that they are not ready to manage for themselves and the pole is one of these situations.
I stand by the pole and I encourage her to try but she is not yet confident enough to lean forwards and take the jump.

She watches her friend as she learns this new skill and really wants to be able to do it as well, but she is just not quite ready yet.

Soon she will be ready! Like a baby bird ready to take that first leap from the nest! You can do it!!!!

We have however learnt to climb up on much more challenging parts of the play frame!

Another big achievement has been the ability to make the swing move, by herself! We still get a lot of "I can't do it" but this is said as she "IS" doing it! So I am giving lots of praise and enthusiasm and slowly, slowly you can see her start to believe that she "CAN" do it!

Backwards.... and Forwards..... and backwards.... and forwards!

We have come a long way in 6 months and her self esteem has had a huge boost. This will only serve to do good things for her in other areas of learning! As hard as it is, we sometimes have to let our little ones struggle through the hard things so that they can experience small failures and learn from them. That is the first stepping stone to success and the feeling from finally being able to do that thing, that you have worked so very hard to achieve, is worth all the tough bits! Top that off with a little shiny star for their diary to show their parents and you have one VERY happy child!


  • To provide the little "R" with the self confidence and experiences to develop her physical skills in the park
  • To support her but also foster independence.
To continue to offer lots of opportunity for large physical moment. To celebrate her achievement's as she masters the new skills and to support her as she continues to learn some of the more tricky challenges! 

    Little "R"  loves the park and is always keen to play. She often relies quite heavily on me following her around and holding her hands on much of the equipment. For the pat 6 months I have been moving slowly away and encouraging more independence. Praising her efforts and cheering her along! She has moved from a frustration and giving up frame of mind, to a more determined and successful one. By stepping back a bit and letting her try and fail, she has realised that if she keeps trying she will be able to do it! This has motivated her to keep on trying even when things are tricky. It has led to less frustration and tears in general, as she has learnt to deal with short lived failures and use these to motivate herself to try harder. 
    She shows great pride in her achievements and then repeats the action over and over, showing friends and laughing if it goes wrong. Happily trying again.

    Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Physical Development

    Wednesday, 14 May 2014


    Continuing the Pets topic, the role play area is still a big hit with everyone! From the youngest children to the oldest after schoolers. Everyday I have a very full Veterinary surgery in my playroom!

    We looked at some of the X-rays on the playmobil X-ray machine and talked about how the photo is of the inside of the animals and not the outside like normal photos that we take. Little "L" told me that they have real x-rays at pre-school and the next time we did a pre-school pick up, the pre-school staff lent us a few!

    Little "B" enjoys getting involved in everything the older children do and brought me a vets outfit to help her put on!

    Once dressed she set about checking on all the patients!

    She even gave some of them medicine!

    Little "L" used bandages to make her cat better. The children have been bringing in their own soft toy pets to treat.

    Little "B" decided to take notes for everyone.

    There was lots of fine motor practice, trying to open the plaster packets.

    We are going to follow this up with a trip to see real vets soon and an Exotic pets animal encounter next week.


    The girls found some of our outdoor toys in the new garden cupboard we built last week. Every year this bag of goodies provides hours of fun! Non of it cost very much and most of it came from one of the supermarkets. 

    Little "B" joined in with "L" and "R", holding one end of the skipping rope and giving it a wriggle.

    We started to swing the rope back and forth and took turns to jump over the rope as it swung.

    Once they had grasped this we moved on to swinging it in a circle. I had to help more with this as little "B" was not of an age to be able to swing it up and over. I noticed that the girls faced the rope which meant that they would be jumping it backwards. It  took a little while to understand that they needed to have the rope behind them so that they could see it swing over them and jump, but once we had got the hang of it there was much more jumping success!

    Little "B" tried to copy the older girls with her own skipping rope!

    After a while I showed the girls how I can skip with a rope on the spot and they decided to try this out for themselves!

     These have been a constant interest over the sunny days this week and the children are practising their skipping skills by themselves, choosing to get these from the garden cupboard.

    Tuesday, 13 May 2014


    We have been very lucky this week to meet some of the lambs that needed hand rearing after birth. Our local farm were fantastic and let us visit them. Emma introduced us to each one by name and explained to everyone why they were being raised by her and not their mums. 

    Some of them had injuries, were deformed or orphaned or had other issues. It gave the children the chance to think about how we help animals around us who are un-well or do not have parents to look after them.

    They were so friendly and keen to suck on our fingers!

    We have offered our services to come and help during lambing season next year, with bottle feeding!

    We also got to meet some of the older lambs who were now able to be outside. It was lovely to see them looking so well and growing.

    We are very grateful for the opportunity to meet these lovely lambs and it has been another great experience for the children. Especially during our pets theme. I think several of us would have like a pet sheep now!


    I have been looking on line for some inspiration for loose parts to add to our setting. Things that can be found cheaply and are of no use to people but that might provide a great resource for us and some fabby play opportunities! One of the things that has caught my eye and been on my wish list for a few months now is an old cable reel. They come in different sizes and are so versatile. 
    One weekend we were driving home from the shops and saw one outside a house waiting for the bin collection! I pulled over and ran to the house to ask if I could take it... they were very happy for me to have it and we have had a lot of fun with it since bringing it home!

    The children have told me it is a wheelchair and have moved themselves around the garden as though they are sitting in a wheelchair.
    It has also been rolled around the patio, the grass and up and down the different steps and levels in the garden.

    It has been used for standing on, balancing on, wobbling on.....

    Little"R" used it to roll over!

    She even did a couple of rather adventurous rolly pollys over it!

    She also rolled over it and then used her arms to hold up her weight and crawl herself forwards so that she was in a sort of "Wheelbarrow" position. Great way to build up core body strength and strong arms! Slow controlled movements and balance!

    It is amazing what fun can be had from other peoples rubbish! If you have a local electrical company near you then I would advise going and having a chat with them. They may well have some that you can use! Ours is currently being used as a table in the outdoor kitchen area.
    I am very keen to collect a few more of these in differing sizes. I have lots of ideas for them!!


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