Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Back for another day of fun at the play center! Still with the space theme!

Little ""M" and little "Es" paint moons with shaving foam paint! Lots of different types of brushes to use and a very effective finish! Awesome creative and sensory fun!

We then moved on to Alien hand puppets made from paper bags!

Lots of sticking shapes and body parts on to the bags and drawing on them. Little "M" was not so interested in the sticking.... more the drawing part. She has fantastic pencil control and is not even 2 yet. She has a great pencil grip for her age and carefully makes little circles all over the page. She loves to sit and draw!

Little "Es" is all about the creating and sticking! The more bits the better is her view! Look at this masterpiece!

After a busy morning crafting some of us had a snooze in the sun! All wrapped up to keep warm but enjoying a fresh air nap!

The games wagon was on site today so the children enjoyed some gaming and computer use! Kenzie made music with a sampler program!

"X" and "R" enjoyed the webcam and the different effects they could use. They both had fantastic mouse control and could work the basics out quite quickly. They laughed at each others pictures and were keen to share what they were doing!

Last activity of the day was making banana milkshakes! Super yummy!!

Monday, 30 March 2015


We spent the first day of the Easter holidays at our local play center for children with additional needs. It is one of our favorite places and the children love their time there. We have booked 3 days there this half term. The staff are really interactive with the kids and they have lots of fun planned.

The theme this week was space and they had a marshmallow activity so the children could make marshmallow constellations. Little "R" made a "daisy chain constellation".

I think some liked the eating more than the designing lol!

On the way out of the play center we got to see a tractor loading hay bails on to a trailer! The kids loved this!

Sunday, 29 March 2015


I thought we should start some of our Easter crafts this week as some of the children will not be attending over the Easter holidays. I had been given some wooden Easter eggs to decorate so we started with them!

We also decorated polystyrene eggs! The children did a base colour and then left them to dry. Some of the children then painted more details on, while others used stickers to decorate! 

I am looking forward to another couple of weeks of crafting and an Easter egg hunt or two!

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Myself and some other members of the village have got together to organise a local Forest School! It has been a very exciting project and we kicked things off with a community bridge building event!

It was great to see so many children involved  as well as people we didn't know. Great to have such support for a local project!

Teenagers working as a team with no adult help, to get their end of the bridge together!

Meanwhile the Forest School staff ran a campfire for stick bread!

We had a lot of strong volunteers to help us build and position the bridge!

We found a Toad who very nearly got squashed under the bridge. Thankfully a volunteer noticed him and i fished him out! He was relocated a few feet up the ditch. Where it was much safer!

We had an Environmental report carried out on the site and then went in to clear the sites we needed, making sure we were aware of any animals or birds that might be in the undergrowth!

This is the area that will have the central fire pit!

We have many pathways coming off this area that take you in to interesting places for den building and bug hunting!

Great to see a project coming together!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I do love the little worlds I find set up in my home after hours! 
It makes me wonder what the story or game was. 
This is a very interesting scene. A bride stood by a table on knights. A knight on horseback. A snow ruck driven by an Ogre and carrying a couple of cave woman on the back! Kids imaginations are just wonderful!!


All these loose parts lying around have created some lovely self initiated play and creativity. This is one of my favorites. Little "I" made a wall of cardboard tubes. I was really impressed at how well she balanced them. None of them were cut completely flat and it had not occurred to me to try and balance them upright. She did this all by her self and  she was super proud of her achievement.
Several of them fell over, and like dominoes, they set others in motion too. But she persevered even when it was frustrating her. She laughed most of the time and just re built it! Half the fun seemed to be in the rebuilding and the falling over!

  • Observed "I"'s self selected play and take note of her interest and aims in this self selected activity.
  • Offer more of these carpet rolls outside when the weather is drier and see if she enjoys making a bigger structure. Cut some ridges in the tops of some so that she can balance them across each other and maybe interlock them. 

    • Offer more of these carpet rolls outside when the weather is drier and see if she enjoys making a bigger structure. Cut some ridges in the tops of some so that she can balance them across each other and maybe interlock them. 
    • Offer other large scale building and construction toys and materials.


    Little "I"  set about this activity with no guidance or suggestion. This was self initiated and took a lot of trial and error to achieve. She showed curiosity about the items available to her and explored and experimented with what she could do with them. When she found something that interested her, she continued to balance more of them in the same way. She set her own challenge and worked to achieve her desired goal.
    She maintained focus and showed a high level of interest. She was very keen to draw others in to her play after she had built her wall and took me in to the playroom so that I could take a photo of the finished creation! Just as one piece fell and knocked others over. She laughed and re built it with my help. 
    If one end was not flat enough to balance the tube then she turned it round and tried the other end. Thinking out the problem and making solutions.

    Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Communication and language
    • Physical Development
    • Personal, Social and Emotional 
    • Expressive Art and Design

    Monday, 23 March 2015


    I thought I would share this tray that I put together this morning. All of this can be bought from the local pound shop so it makes it a super cheap tray to set up!

    Each plastic egg now has a number written on it and the corresponding number of spots on it so that even if children can not recognise the number, they can count the spots and make the connection between the numeral and the quantity.
    The children can then fill the egg with the correct number of smaller eggs.

    I also wrote "Chick" and "Rabbit" on to two spare eggs so that the children could become familiar and recognise these Easter words as they play.

    The plastic eggs are great for popping open and then back together again and even the toddlers enjoyed filing them and trying to connect them again. This is quite trick and not as easy as popping them open!

    The shredded paper makes a fun (and not too messy) base to hide Easter objects in and the little ones love to rummage and see what they can find.

    You could do a similar tray with just words in for a literacy based tray.

    Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Physical Development
    • Mathematics

    Sunday, 22 March 2015


    We spent a great afternoon at a local farm for their lambing weekend. They had several breeds of sheep, including a rare breed called the Oxford Down. They have lovely fluffy heads! We didn't see any lambs being born sadly but we did see some very new lambs and some very cheeky toddlers!

    The boys found some hay bales to climb on and had a run around. Sadly they are getting older now and this does not amuse them in the way it used too. My boys are growing up :-(

    We learnt about Bee's at one of the visiting stalls. They had some locally produced honey that we bought and Kenzie spent some time learning about the life of a Bee while Brendan made me a candle from Bee's wax!

    We spent the rest of our time in the outdoor kitchen and den making area. My lovely man went off to the cafe to get us all a hot chocolate and i helped Brendan build a den.
    Kenzie's best friend turned up (he mum was a volunteer for the day) and the boys all looked for snakes in the log piles and bug hotel!

    Brendan chilled out in the newly made den and tried to play football with a big cement ornamental ball!

    Brendan also enjoyed making balancing boards and trying different ways to balance them or try and lift himself up.

    Kenzie spent a good amount of time in the tree's!

    His confidence has really grown over time. At one point he was so scared to get up a tree b ut now he is the first to try and climb them!


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