Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Forest school today included some visitors from a friends farm. Gertie the pregnant Goat and Lamby. These are pets and are lead trained. They came to eat some grass and weeds and spend time with the children. Lamby was also very helpful in teaching us where wool/ yarn comes from!

My eldest son had a great time walking them around the site.

We linked their visit with a woodwork yarn craft. Using a hammer to bank nails in to blocks of wood and then winding yarn around the nails to make pictures and patterns.

My youngest son and his friend spent most of the morning in ditches metal detecting and dug up some cool items! The favourites were a very old Jays fluid bottle and an even older Liptons Tea sign.

We are neighbours with an Antique Center so the boys cleaned up the sign and took it to be valued. It sold a few weeks later at auction for £18! They are very happy with their first treasure hunting and money making experience!


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  2. What a great day you had. I can't believe the boys found those bottles and the tea sign. Even better that they cleaned it up and turned it into a profit. Good on them. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling . I hope you can again when it opens tomorrow morning.

    1. That ditch became a regular spot to metal detect for them. Nothing as good as that found though! The auction was an amazing experience for them.

  3. I like that craft idea, I remember doing something similar when I was a kid. I'm sure everyone loved meeting Gertie and Lamby! I bet your son and his friend were so proud of their find-and subsequent profit. Bet they're keen to get out and find more now! Thanks for sharing with us at #AdventureCalling

    1. Thank you. Our visitors were very much loved and the boys spent many more days in that ditch looking for their next big find!


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