Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Please tell me.... how does a child kick the same door frame, with the same foot, twice in one day? TWICE!!
It's not like the house has changed in any way! It didn't jump out on him! But never the less he did kick the frame twice and so we ended up in A&E Sunday evening having x-rays and getting strapped up. It was very quick compared to previous visits (I have 2 boys.... say no more) and the worst part was trying to find a parking space for the fracture clinic the next day. 

Can you see the brake? It had to be shown to me too lol! I would never make a Dr!

So 2 days on crutches and a funny shoe and buddy strapping for 3 weeks. Then back for an x-ray.
This time we will make sure we leave plenty of parking time!


  1. Oooh, nothing worse than the pain of kicking something like that. The Sofa or bed are my weapons of choice!

    1. Always the bed here too. Thankfully he is now fully mended and the toe looks pretty straight!


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