Tuesday, 18 April 2017

SILLY, FAT DADDY PIG. YOU ARE SO NAUGHTY! What are we teaching our children?

What is Peppa Pig teaching our children?

I am not saying that all tv should have an educational quality. I grew up on drug induced kids tv. "Jamie and the magic torch" and "magic Roundabout", so I fully appreciate a good 10 minute program of silliness. But Peppa Pig is something else.

She is not just a bossy little know all that quite honestly does nothing for her brothers self esteem, but she is down right rude to her dad. What does mummy pig do when this happens? She joins in! They actually bully Daddy Pig!!

He is called Silly. Naughty and Fat on a daily basis and laughed at. He is so down trodden that he just accepts his lot in life and the domestic abuse continues.

Our very influential 2 and 3 year olds do not distinguish reality and fiction in the same way adults do. They take what they see and mimic it. So what Peppa is teaching our little ones is how to be a spoilt, rude and disrespectful brats, who shouts at their friends and parents, sticks their tongue out when they can't get what they wants and to shame every person they see who is overweight.

I know this is just a bit of fun and a tv show...... but we underestimate what our children take in. It is worth a bit of thought from us adults I think. I am sure there are better programs out there that children could enjoy!

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